Celebrate conversation and community

and take time to share a meal together!

About us

Salt, once considered a rare commodity and used as currency, is today shared as a symbol of friendship and hospitality at Saltyard. Inspired by the mines where this crystalline compound is harvested, our dining rooms are designed to blend textures and colors, create layers of space, and engage you.

Defined as a true social house, Saltyard seeks to emphasize the social and interactive nature of dining. Our menu consists primarily of small plates/tapas and emphasizes the seasonal bounty from the land and sea, evolving and changing with the seasons.

A Message To Our


Saltyard is proud to be your neighborhood restaurant and want to be your favorite! I purchased the restaurant on May 1, 2018. Since then, the Saltyard Team has been focused on listening to you, our guests and neighbors, for insight and suggestions on how to better serve you and the community. And you have spoken!

Based on your feedback, we have added old favorites to the menu, like brussel sprouts, cheeseburger sliders, and pappardelle. We increased portion sizes and lowered our menu prices. We heard that you wanted more by-the-glass wine selections at a greater variety of price points, and we did that, too! At Saltyard, your satisfaction is our number one priority. I hope I’ve had the opportunity to meet you personally since I became the new owner. Whether or not I have, please accept my warm invitation to come in and try us again

Warm Regards,
Lee K. Schulman, Proprietor