In some ancient cultures, salt was a rare commodity that was given to guests as a sign of hospitality and friendship; eating salt under someone’s roof created a bond of obligation between a guest and host.

At Saltyard, we say “why ruin a good thing” thus these traits have become the core ingredients for our philosophy. We’re obliged to make this human connection between what is on the plate and in the glass, and the long-standing relationship with friends, farms, artisanal purveyors, and our Atlanta neighbors. We are excited to bring Atlanta a true social house where guests come for dinner but stay for the spirited and engaging atmosphere.

The dining room at Saltyard is relaxed and vibrant.

The exposed rafters, sun–bleached reclaimed wood, and open kitchen all add to the casual but ambient vibe that lures Atlanta residents in to loosen up with a glass of wine after a hard day or settle into one of our cozy banquettes for an unpretentious evening of good food and relaxing with friends and family.

Guests can choose from our wine list which houses 20 wines by the glass and 75 by the bottle.

Hand–crafted signature cocktails consist of classics and originals all made with seasonal ingredients and craft beer-lovers can kick back on our Peachtree patio and sip one of our five draught or ten bottled brews.

The cuisine, you ask?

Well, in Greece they have Mezze. In Spain they call it Tapas. In China they have Dim Sum. Italy has Antipasti…and in America, we boast small plates- a uniquely social dining experience where we have the freedom to provide awesome at a great value. Unbound by the limitations of regional flavor, Saltyard offers a selection of cuisine as diverse as the city itself. When you dine at Saltyard, you’ll find a carefully edited selection of seasonal dishes. No pretention here, we serve delicious and that’s all that counts.

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